Residents of Parkway Meadows on Ann Arbor's north side extinguished a trash can fire Friday morning, Ann Arbor Fire Department officials said.

Firefighters were called to the apartments at about 6:28 a.m. Friday, and when they arrived they found fire alarms activated and smoke filling the 2nd floor from a fire in a trash can in a common area.

Residents has just applied water to the fire, according to a news release, and fire crews cleared the building of smoke.

A wall near the trash can was damaged, with the estimated cost about $1,000.

According to the news release, the smoke detector played a key role in keeping the incident from escalating.

However, fire fighters also cautioned that while the people who put out the fire averted a tragedy, they also put themselves at risk.

Fire officials cautioned that anyone trying to put out a fire needs training in the use of a fire extinguisher and also needs to stay between the fire and an exit